Rajendra Keshavlal Shah popularly known as Rajendra Shah(Gujarati: રાજેન્દ્ર શાહ), was a lyrical poet who wrote in Gujarati. Born in Kapadvanaj, he authored more than 20 collections of poems and songs, mainly on the themes of the beauty of nature, and about the everyday lives of indigenous peoples and fisherfolk communities. In his poems using Sanskrit metrics, he was influenced by Rabindranath Tagore.He was one of the giants of post Gandhi-era called 'Anu-Gandhi Yug' in Gujarati literature.

Among his various professions, Shah was also a printer in Mumbai, where he launched the poetry magazine Kavilok. The press itself became an important Sunday meeting-place for Gujarati poets. Apart from writing poetry, Shah also translated into Gujarati Tagore's poetry collection Balaaka; Jayadeva's "Gita Govinda"; Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"; and Dante's "The Divine Comedy".

Shah won the Jnanpith — the Indian government's most prestigious literary prize — for the year 2001. The judges noted, "his intensity of emotion and innovation in form and expression which set him apart as a poet of great significance. The mystical tone of his poetry stems from the tradition of great medieval masters like Kabir, Narsinh Mehta and literary giants like them".


Kumar Chandrak in 1947
Ranjitram Suvarna Chandrak in 1956
Sahitya Akademi Award in 1964
Mahakavi Nanatal prize in 1968
Narmad Chandrak in 1977
Aurobindo Suvarna Chandrak by Gujarati Sahitya Parishad in 1980
Bharatiya Bhasha Parishad award in 1985
Dhanaji Kanaji Suvarna Chandrak in 1986
Murdhanya Sahityakar Samman by Gujarat Sahitya Akademi in 1993
Narasinh Mehta award in 1994
Jnanpith in 2001

Rajendra Keshavlal Shah's Works:

Poetry Collections
Dhvani (1951)
Andolan (1952)
Shruti (1957)
Morpinchh (1959)
Shant Kolahal (1962)
Chitrana (1967)
Kshan je Chirantan (1968)
Vishdne Sad (1968)
Madhyama (1978)
Udgiti (1979)
Ikshana (1979)
Patralekha (1981)
Prasana Saptak (1982)
Panch Parva (1983)
Vibhavan (1983)
Dwasupama (1983)
Chandan Bhini and Anamik (1987)
Aranyak (1992)

Poems by Rajendra Keshavlal Shah

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Dugdraaben blinker paa Rosengreen;
Den tindrer, den zittrer af Glæde:
I mindste Dugperle, klar og reen,
Er Verdenssolen tilstede.

Sjæle er Draaber paa Livets Green;
De tindre, de zittre af Glæde:
I Sjælens Dugperle, klar og reen,
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Dugdraaben blinker et Øjeblik;