Sheikh Fazlul Karim or Fazlul Karim Sahityabisharad (Fazlul Karim the Expert on Literature), was a Bangladeshi poet and writer.

Karim, Sheikh Fazlul was born in the village of Kakina in Rangpur district. Fazlul Karim began work in a jute mill at the age of nineteen. After working there for seven years, he left to start a printing press named Sahabia Printing Works. From here he published the journal Basana, for about two years.

Fazlul Karim wrote his first book at the age of eleven, entitled ‘Sarol Paddo Bikash’. From this point on, the remainder of his life was devoted to literature. He was famous for both his prose and poetry.He edited the monthly BASANA.
Fazlul Karim’s writing is marked by a profound simplicity. He worked for Hindu-Muslim friendship. Lalmonir hat, Bangladesh. His literary works have been included in school curriculum, in both secondary and higher secondary Bengali Literature in Bangladesh.

He was acceptable to all communities for his broad and objective literary attitude. In 1919 the Nadia Sahitya Sabha awarded him the title 'Sahitya Visharad' and the title of 'Kavya Ratnakar' in 1922. He was also venerated by the title 'Niti Bhusan'.

Sheikh Fazlul Karim's Works:

Though Fazlul Karim wrote in a variety of genres, he was basically a poet. His books include:

Saral Padya Bikash (Easy poetry series, 1893)
Trsna (Thirst, poems, 1900)
Manshingha (Biography, 1903)
Paritran Kavya (Poems on Salvation, 1904)
Bhagnavina ba IslamChitra (The Broken Flute or Picture of Islam, poems, 1904)
Laily-Majnu (novel 1904)
Hazrat Imam Rabbani Majaddade Alfasani (Biography, 1905)
Afghanistaner Itihas (History of Afghanistan, 2nd ed, 1927)
Bhakti Puspanjali (Devotional flower offering, poems, 1911)
Gatha (Episodes, poems, 1913)
Maharshi Khwaja Mainuddin Chishti (Biography 2nd ed, 1911)
Harun-or-Rashider Galpa (Stories of Harun-or-Rashid, juvenile literature, 1916)
Chintar Chas (Cultivating thoughts, on morals, 1916)
Sonar Bati (Pot of gold, juvenile literature, 1918)
JoyarBhata (High tide low tide, translated poems)
Bibi Rahima (Biography, 1918)
Path O Patheya (on religion, 1918)
Rajarshi lbrahim (Ibrahim, king of kings, biography, 1925)
Bibi Khadija (Biography, 1927)
Bibi Fatima (Biography, 1927)

Poems by Sheikh Fazlul Karim

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