Murari Lal Sharma (Hindi: मुरारीलाल शर्मा) is one of the well known Indian authors. He is mostly known by his pen name 'Neeras' (नीरस).


He was born in a small village named 'Koka' of district 'Rohtak' in Haryana on 19 September 1936. He took his initial education at 'Rama-mandi' a small town famous for its cotton market. Later for higher studies he went to 'Pilani' and took his college education from 'Aheer College Rewari'.

Besides his talents as an author, 'Murari Lal Sharma - Neeras' was an Educator and served as a 'Special Grade Teacher' in 'Delhi Government' before his retirement from the services in the year 1995.

Due to his interest in 'Ayurvedic Medical Science' he also earned a degree of 'Ayurveda Ratan' the highest degree in 'Ayurvedic Medical Science' that time.


Dr. Murari Lal Sharma has authored number of poems and have also authored several books. Among his famous books are "Neeras Ki Shri Durga Upasana" and "Neeras Ki Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta".

"Neeras Ki Shri Durga Upasana" is a translation of famous Hindu Religious Book "Shri Durga Saptshati" in easy to recite Hindi verses.

Similarly "Neeras Ki Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta" is a translation of famous Hindu Religious Book "Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta" in easy to recite Hindi verses.

Beside these books his famous poems are:

1. 'Bas yahin tak payar seemit, bas yahin tak thi kahani'
2. 'Mujhko khokar kaya paoge, batla do na'
3. 'Nishthur mujhe tod kar tu ne, mera hridya dukhaya kayon?'
4. 'Anginat Pralobhan ke ghere main jab maanav ghabra jaaye'
and many more.

'Murari Lal Sharma - Neeras' has also authored several poems for children and have translated several famous stories and English poems in Hindi verses.

Some of these includes:
1. 'The Camel's Nose In The Tent' which is translated as 'Arab aur uska uoont'
2. Sheetkaal ki ek raat ko, Badi bhayanak thand padi; Thandi vaayu ke jhonkon se, Deekh rahi thi maut khadi;
3. Another one is of 'Thirsty Crow' which is translated in Hindi as 'Payasa Kova'
4. Ek bar kaale kove ko, Badi jor ki payas lagi; Paani peene ki icchaa se, Phirta tha vah gali gali;
5. 'Mor' (Peacock)
6. Ghanghor ghata jab chati hai, moron ka man harshati hai; tab apni khushi deekhane ko, man ka ullaas bataane ko.

Poems by Murari Lal Sharma Neeras

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