Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah (Bengali: রুদ্র মোহাম্মদ শহীদুল্লাহ্) was a Bengali poet. Shahidullah was noted for his revolutionary and romantic poetry.

In the popular culture of Bangladesh, Shahidullah's most well known contribution is the song Bhalo Achi Bhalo Theko, popular ever since it was written. In 1991, an annual fair called Rudra Mela was started to commemorate the poet.


Rudra Muhammad Shahidullah was born on October 16, 1956 in Bagerhat district, Bangladesh. He penned a good number of poetry collections and was a skilled organiser also. He died on June 21, 1992.

Poet Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah was the husband of writer Taslima Nasrin. He died as a result of drug abuse. His notable song "Amar Bhitor o Bahire" is regarded by some people as a suicide note to Taslima Nasrin. The works of this brilliant poet were popularized later by legendary singer-songwriter of India Kabir Suman and famous bengali singer Sabina Yasmin. As once famously stated by Kabir Suman, the song Amar bhitor o bahire became a all time popular song for the Bengalis of both Bangladesh and West Bengal. The longing embedded in the lyrics add to the poignancy of the piece.

Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah's Works:


Upodruto Upokule (1979)
Fire Pay Shornogram (1882)
Manusher Manchitro (1984)
Chhobol (1986)
Galpo (1987)
Diyesile Shokol Akash (1988)
Moulik Mukhosh (1990)

Short Story

Sonali Shishir


Bish Birikkher Beej

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