Inácio José de Alvarenga Peixoto was a Colonial Brazilian Neoclassic poet and a lawyer. He wrote under the pen name Eureste Fenício.


Peixoto was born in Rio de Janeiro, to Simão Alvarenga Braga and Maria Braga. He studied at the Jesuit College in Rio and would later graduate in Law at the University of Coimbra, where he met and befriended Basilio da Gama, another Brazilian poet.

After he graduated, he served as juiz-de-fora in Sintra. Returning to Brazil, he was senator of the city of São João del Rei and the ouvidor of the Comarca of Rio das Mortes. Due to overdue taxes, Peixoto would adhere to the unsuccessful 1789 Minas Conspiracy, alongside the poets Tomás António Gonzaga and Cláudio Manuel da Costa, the priest José da Silva de Oliveira Rolim and the alférez Joaquim José da Silva Xavier (a.k.a. "Tiradentes"). Joaquim Silvério dos Reis, a member of the Conspiracy, delated the movement before it could take place. Peixoto was then captured, arrested and sent to exile in the city of Ambaca, in Angola, where he died. Peixoto was married to poetess Bárbara Heliodora (1758–1819), having with her four children. It is said that Heliodora suffered from a severe dementia after Peixoto was exiled.

Inácio José de Alvarenga Peixoto's Works:


A Dona Bárbara Heliodora, poesia
A Maria Ifigênia, poesia
Canto Genetlíaco, poesia, 1793
Estela e Nize, poesia
Eu Não Lastimo o Próximo Perigo, poesia
Eu Vi a Linda Jônia, poesia
Sonho Poético, poesia

Poems by Inácio José De Alvarenga Peixoto

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