Dimbeswar Neog (1899–1966) (Assamese: ডিম্বেশ্বৰ নেওগ) is a writer and critic of Assamese literature.

Personal Life

Born in Kamarfadia, a small village in Sibsagar, Assam Dimbeswar Neog was the oldest child to his father Manik chandra Neog and mother Chandra Prabha. He is also known as the 'Indradhenu Poet'. His early education began at Kamarphadia. After his matriculation, he joined Cotton College in Guwahati. He earned his bachelor degree in 1924 then he completed Masters in English study. After that he earned his masters in Assamese in 1940 from Calcutta University. Most of the literary works of Neog were done during the period while, studying at Cotton College. Neog was selected to be the General Secretary of Assam Chatra Sanmelan and remained there from 1921 to 1924. During that period he edited the mouthpiece of Chatra Sanmelan 'Janmabhumi' and 'Milan'. Dimbeswar Neog's professional life began as a teacher. In 1930, Dimbeswar Neog married Ajaleetora, the daughter of writer and Dibrugarh district judge Benudhar Rajkhowa Ajaleetora. Dimbeswar and Ajaleetora Neog had seven children. He died in Assam Medical College after a brief period of illness in 1966.

Literary Scholarship

Neog authored around 100 books. His works ranged from story, verses, novel, drama, history of literature and criticism to folk-literature. Neog is best known for his work as a critic of Assamese literature. According to the Sahitya Akademi, India's National Academy of Letters, Neog's two works on Assamese literature "made significant contribution to the development of critical assessment in Assamese literature on an academic plane." Neog's approach to literary criticism has, however, been criticized as being "not entirely free of personal prejudice" and "occasionally vitiated by his biased analysis."

In 1965, Dimbeswar Neog presided over the 32nd session of Asom Sahitya Sabha in Nalbari and was its president.

Scholar Par Excellence

Dimbeswar Neog's Works:

Thupitara (A cluster of Stars) published in 1924.

Folk literature
Akul Pathika
Bhogjora (Collection of 'Ainam' and children play songs)
Dohali (collection of yojanas)
Banabenu (Flute of Forest), (collection of three books Akul Pathika, Phagunee and Bihuwati)

Gaone-Nagare (1960)
Kundila Nagara


Literary Criticism
A Light coming through wall of Assamese Literature-- Kirtan Ghosa
Light on Assamese Literature
Katha- Prativa
Modern History of Assamese Literature
Studies on Assamese Literature
A View of Literature
New Light on the History of Assamese Literature

Religion and Faith
Vaisnava Dharmara Atiguri
Vaisnava Dharmara Kramavikasa
Vaisnava Dharmara Bhaktitatva
Naradiya Bhoktisutra and Mahapurusiasm-- a Universal Religion

Poems by Dimbeswar Neog

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