Thomas William. Heney, was born in Sydney, in November, 1862;he eldest son of Thomas W. Heney, The young thomas was educated at Cooma. NSW

Thomas Jnr was to become Editor and part proprietor of Monaro Mercury'. Some time later he began working with the Sydney Morning Herald' office,in 1878; followed by the Daily Telegraph', Sydney, in 1884; and then the Western Grazier', Wilcannia, in 1886; the Echo', 1889; finally returning to the Sydney. Morning . Herald',in 1891,whre he later became Editor of the last-named Journal.

His works include:

Fortunate Days' (Sydney, 1886). In Middle Harbour, and other Verse' (London, 1890).

Poems by Thomas William Heney

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There was the day we swam in a river, a lake, and an ocean.
And the day I quit the job my father got me.
And the day I stood outside a door,
and listened to my girlfriend making love
to someone obviously not me, inside,