Christne, med Skiel,
Kaldes de vel,
Alle, som Troen bekjender,
Og som i Daab
Saligheds Haab
Fik paa den Eenbaarnes Hænder;

Christne for Gud,
Børn af hans Brud,
Er dog kun Kiærligheds-Kuldet,
Thi ikkun de
Troe, til de see
Evigheds-Sølvet og Guldet!

Christne paa Skrømt
Ordet har dømt,
Selv de sig kalde uægte,
Troe til en Tid,
Svigte i Strid
Christus omsider fornægte!

About Nicolaj Frederik Severin Grundtvig

N.F.S. Grundtvig is considered to be the father of Danish folk schools. His radical ideas were the cornerstone upon which this educational reform was based. He was a Danish minister, a theologian, a poet, a philosopher, a historian, a hymn writer, a social critic, and most relevantly, an educator. His educational vision was for a unique school that would serve Danish people of all social standings, especially the farmers. He originally called it "folkelig hojskole" (loosely interpreted as "a school that would be "of and for the people"") (Borish, 1991, p. 17). His idea was to create an educational system... Read more...

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Isaac Rosenberg was an English poet of the First World War who was considered to be one of the greatest of all English war poets. His "Poems from the Trenches" are recognised as some of the most outstanding written during the First World War.

Isaac Rosenberg was born to Barnet...

Poem of the day

Who will away to Athens with me? Who
Loves choral songs and maidens crown'd with flowers,
Unenvious? mount the pinnace; hoist the sail.
I promise ye, as many as are here,
Ye shall not, while ye tarry with me, taste
From unrinsed barrel the diluted...