written by Philip Hammial


— Philip Hammial

And went to one of the Glory Temples for which
our city is famous & found
a sick congregation - spitting blood

& convulsing obscenely, only the shepherd
of this flock not afflicted, & outside, lined up,
waiting - dog carts for the dead, but where

were the dogs? Out chasing
some silly fox, I assumed, & was correct
as the huntress, when I finally found her,

was sitting on a log surrounded by hounds, tails
wagging, the corpse of some poor fox
in her lap. "Hi," she said, "I'm

Dot Com & of course
you've come for the dogs." Obediently
they followed me back to the church

& were duly harnessed & off we set
for the burial ground to which, luckily, for it
was getting dark, the shepherd knew the way.

About the poet

Philip Hammial

Philip Roby Hammial (born 1937) is an Australian poet, publisher, editor, artist and art curator. He has a long list of achievements in writing, publishing and sculpting. His achievements include twenty-four collections of poetry, thirty solo sculpture exhibitions and, acting as the director/curator of The Australian Collection of Outsider Art, twenty-six exhibitions of Australian Outsider Art in five countries. Hammial's significance to Australian poetry has been recognised by the Australia Council, which awarded him a Senior Writer’s Fellowship in 1996, an Established Writer’s Fellowship in 2004 and the Nancy Keesing Studio at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris in 2009. Life Hammial (born 1937) grew up in and around Detroit, Michigan. He graduated from Farmington High School in 1954. After three years...

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