Bøi dig for din Konge, Sjæl!
Verdens Konger! bøier eder!
Stolte Magt og Høihed! knæl!
Thronen for Guds Søn bereder!
See, i Aandens store Land
Konge-Spiret fører han;
Mørkets Magter for ham vige,
Hans er Salighedens Rige!

Over de Gienløstes Land
Han paa Naadens Stol er Dommer!
Evig lovet være han!
I Gud-Faders Navn han kommer!
Sjung, hver Sjæl, med Tak og Bøn:
Hosianna, Davids Søn!
Sjung, mens alle Knæ sig bøje,
Hosianna i det Høie!

About Nicolaj Frederik Severin Grundtvig

N.F.S. Grundtvig is considered to be the father of Danish folk schools. His radical ideas were the cornerstone upon which this educational reform was based. He was a Danish minister, a theologian, a poet, a philosopher, a historian, a hymn writer, a social critic, and most relevantly, an educator. His educational vision was for a unique school that would serve Danish people of all social standings, especially the farmers. He originally called it "folkelig hojskole" (loosely interpreted as "a school that would be "of and for the people"") (Borish, 1991, p. 17). His idea was to create an educational system... Read more...

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Poem of the day

Beijar-te a fronte linda

Beijar-te o aspecto altivo

Beijar-te a tez morena

Beijar-te o rir lascivo

Beijar o ar que aspiras

Beijar o pó que pisas

Beijar a voz que soltas

Beijar a luz que visas

Sentir teus modos frios,

Sentir tua apatia,

Sentir até répúdio,

Sentir essa ironia,