written by Augosto dos Anjos


— Augosto dos Anjos

Haverá, por hipótese, nas geenas
Luz bastante fulmínea que transforme
Dentro da noite cavernosa e enorme
Minhas trevas anímicas serenas?!

Raio horrendo haverá que as rasgue apenas?!
Não! Porque, na abismal substância informe,
Para convulsionar a alma que dorme
Todas as tempestades são pequenas!

Há de a Terra vibrar na ardência infinda
Do éter em branca luz transubstanciado,
Rotos os nimbos maus que a obstruem a êsmo...

A própria Esfinge há de falar-vos ainda
E eu, somente eu, hei de ficar trancado
Na noite aterradora de mim mesmo!

About the poet

Augosto dos Anjos

Augusto de Carvalho Rodrigues dos Anjos was a Brazilian poet and professor. His poems speak mostly of sickness and death, and are considered to forerun the Modernism in Brazil. He is the patron of the first chair of the Paraiban Academy of Letters. Biography Augusto do Anjos was born in 1884, in an engenho named Pau d'Arco, at the city of Cruz do Espírito Santo, in the Brazilian State of Paraíba. (Nowadays, the engenho is situated in the city of Sapé, also in Paraíba.) He was initially homeschooled by his father, until he was admitted at the Lyceu Paraibano, where he would become a teacher in 1908. Augusto wrote poems since he was 7 years old. In 1903 he was admitted...

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