On the Occurrence of a Spell of Arctic Weather in May, 1858

written by Paul Hamilton Hayne

On the Occurrence of a Spell of Arctic Weather in May, 1858

— Paul Hamilton Hayne

WE thought that Winter with his hungry pack
Of hounding Winds had closed his dreary chase,-
For virgin Spring, with arch, triumphant face,
Lightly descending, had strewed o'er his track
Gay flowers that hid the stormy season's wrack.
Vain thought! for, wheeling on his northward path,
And girt by all his hungry Blasts, in wrath
The shrill-voiced Huntsman hurries swiftly back,-
The frightened vernal Zephyrs shrink and die
Through the chilled forest,- the rare blooms expire,-
And Spring herself, too terror-stricken to fly,
Seized by the ravening Winds with fury dire,
Dies 'mid the scarlet flowers that round her lie,
Like waning flames of some rich funeral fire!

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