Ye Ab Khula Hai K Koi Bhi Manzar Mera Na Tha

written by Iftikhar Arif

Ye Ab Khula Hai K Koi Bhi Manzar Mera Na Tha

— Iftikhar Arif

ye ab khula hai k koi bhi manzar mera na tha
main jis mein rah raha tha wahi ghar mera na tha

main jis ko ek umr sambhale phira kiya
mitti bata rahi wo paikar mera na tha

mauj-e-hawa-e-shahar-e-muqaddar jawab de
dariya mere na the k samandar mera na tha

phir bhi to sangsar kiya ja raha hun main
kahte hain nam tak sar-e-mahzar mera na tha

sab log apne apne qabilon k sath the
ek main hi tha k koi bhi lashkar mera na tha

About the poet

Iftikhar Arif

Iftikhar Hussain Arif (Urdu: افتخار حسین عارف) commonly known as Iftikhar Arif (افتخار عارف) is an Urdu poet, scholar and littérateur from Pakistan. His style is romantic Urdu poetry. He has headed Academy Adbiyat, the Pakistan Academy of Letters and currently, he is the Chairman of Muqtadra Quami Zaban, the National Language Authority. He has been decorated with Hilal-e-Imtiaz, Sitara-e-Imtiaz and Presidential Pride of Performance, highest literary awards by Government of Pakistan. Early Days and Education Iftikhar Arif was born in Lucknow in 1943 and lived there till his migration to Pakistan in 1965. During this period he received his education at the Lucknow University where one of his teachers was Ehtisham Husain. He also studied at the Madressa-i-Nizamia, Farangi Mahal, and Government Jubilee College, Lucknow...

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