Sabz Patte Dhoop Ki Yeh Aag Jab Pi Jayenge

written by Bashir Badr

Sabz Patte Dhoop Ki Yeh Aag Jab Pi Jayenge

— Bashir Badr

Sabz patte dhoop ki yeh aag jab pI Jayenge
Uj ley far key kot pahne halke jade aayenge

Geele geele mandiron mein baal khole deviyan
Sochti hain iske suraj devta kab aayenge

Surkh neeley chand taare doudte hain barf par
Kal hamari tarh ye bhi dhund mein kho jayenge

Din mein daftar ki qalam mil ki mashinen sab hain ham
Raat aayegi to palkon pe sitaare aayenge

Shaam tak mela hai paagal ped panchhi kis key meet
Apni apni boliyan sab bol kar ud jayenge

Din key in baghi farishton ko sadak par j ane do
Bach gaye to shaam tak ghar laut kar aajayenge

Tanha tey karna hai sab ko raat ka sara safar
Jhadiyon mein jugnuon ke qafle kho jayenge

About the poet

Bashir Badr

Bashir Badr (Urdu: بشیر بدر ) is an acclaimed Indian poet of Urdu. Childhood Sayyed Mohammad Bashir Badr was born into a Muslim family at Ayodhya, in India. This city is known for its cultural and religious history. Bashir was the fourth child of Sayyed Nazir and Aaliya Begum. His father was an Assistant Accountant in the Indian Police and highly respected in the community. Bashir as a child was far clearer in thoughts and visions of life than the children of his age. Bashir throughout was an obedient and respectful child. When he was of age 7, he wrote his 1st Sher. He had a deep desire that even his shers should be published in a magazine. First of his shers were published...

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