written by Sayeed Abubakar


— Sayeed Abubakar

My heart has fallen downunder your feet;
Listening to your love-song
coming from the distant shore of the Atlantic ocean,
my heart has utterly been destroyed like the land
fallen prey to an earthquake,
and I, taking the flute of Orpheus at my hand,
have been obsessed in singing you day and night.

Eurydice, my Love, come back on my earth;
I shall see your flower-bloomed face
in the sunrise of morning again.
In the moonlight of night, I shall see again
your sweet smile flowing like a spring
among the hills.

About the poet

Sayeed Abubakar

Sayeed Abubakar, a major modern poet of Bangladesh, was born on September 21,1972 at Rambhodrapur, Panjia, Keshabpur, Jessore. His father was Nur Mohammad Biswas and mother Amena Khatun. Literary Life: Sayeed Abubakar started writing poems at a very early age. He was then only 11. Many of those poems were published in the local newspapers of Jessore and Khulna namely `The Daily Sphulingo', 'The Daily Ranar', 'The Daily Purbanchal', 'The Daily Janmabhumi' and so on. He used to compose 60-70 poems every day, for he was determined to defeat Rabindranath Tagore by the number of poems. Reason is that Rabindranath started writing poems at his 8 and Sayeed Abubakar started at his 11. Really it was a peculiar type of silly attempt of a...

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