Raat Kii Pii.Daa

written by Munir Niazi

Raat Kii Pii.Daa

— Munir Niazi

raat behad chup hai
aur us kaa andheraa surmagii.n
shaam pa.Date hii damakate the jo rango.n ke nagii.n
duur tak bhii ab kahii.n
us kaa nishaa.N milataa nahii.n

ab to ba.Dhataa aayegaa
ghan_ghor baadal chaah kaa
us me.n bahatii aayegii
ek mad_bharii miiThii sadaa
dil ke suune shahar me.n guu.Njegaa naGmaa chaah kaa

raat ke parde me.n chhup kar Khuu.N rulaatii chaahato
is qadar kyo.n duur ho
mujh se zaraa ye to kaho
mere paas aakar kabhii merii kahaanii bhii suno
siskiyaa.N letii havaaye.n kah rahiihai.n - 'chup raho'

About the poet

Munir Niazi

Munir Ahmad, better known as Munir Niazi, (Urdu: منیر نیازی ) was an Urdu and Punjabi poet from Pakistan. Early Life and Education Niazi was born in Khanpur on 19 April 1928, a village near Hoshiarpur, India. He was from the Niazi tribe. He was initially educated at Khanpur and after the partition of India he migrated to newly independent Pakistan and settled in Sahiwal, where he passed his matriculation. He earned an intermediate degree from S.E. College, Bahawalpur and a B.A. from Diyal Singh College in Lahore, Pakistan. Career Munir Niazi launched a weekly, seven coulors, from Sahiwal in 1949. He wrote numerous songs for films and made his name as the foremost movie song writer of Pakistan. He also wrote for newspapers...

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