I fell in love with a drop of dew on the grass.
Her beauty dazzled my eyes. Where ever I looked,
I saw nothing but that dew-drop shining like a
Star into my heart. My heart was stuck to her love
And I could not move a step anywhere. I thought
My stay with her would not come to an end as if
We had been in the world of eternity. My
Illusion disappeared when the sun appeared with
Full rage in the sky.I found the grass dry. Who would
Say, a drop of dew had been here! What is truth then-
Me, grass, the dew-drop or the sun in the vast sky?

About Sayeed Abubakar

Sayeed Abubakar, a major modern poet of Bangladesh, was born on September 21,1972 at Rambhodrapur, Panjia, Keshabpur, Jessore. His father was Nur Mohammad Biswas and mother Amena Khatun. Literary Life: Sayeed Abubakar started writing poems at a very early age. He was then only 11. Many of those poems were published in the local newspapers of Jessore and Khulna namely `The Daily Sphulingo', 'The Daily Ranar', 'The Daily Purbanchal', 'The Daily Janmabhumi' and so on. He used to compose 60-70 poems every day, for he was determined to defeat Rabindranath Tagore by the number of poems. Reason is that Rabindranath... Read more...

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Translated by Robert Hass