The trembling train clings to the leaning wall
Of solid stone; a thousand feet below
Sinks a black gulf; the sky hangs like a pall
Upon the peaks of everlasting snow.

Then of a sudden springs a rim of light,
Curved like a silver sickle. High and higher—
Till the full moon burns on the breast of night,
And a million firs stand tipped with lucent fire.

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Poet of the day

Tryambak Bapuji Thombre was an Indian Marathi poet, whose pen name was Balkavi, also spelled as Baalkavi or Baal-kavi. Poems of Thombre deal with his love of nature and are marked by exuberant language.

Some of his poems are very "dark" while most of them depict nature in a beautiful...

Poem of the day

Bold-faced ranger
(Perfect stranger)
Meets two well-behaved young ladies
He's attractive,
Young and active -
Each a little bit afraid is.
Youth advances,
At his glances
To their danger they awaken;
They repel him
As they tell him