Ten halven afgewrocht,
ontvangen, niet geboren;
gevonden algeheel,
noch algeheel verloren,
zoo ligt er menig rijm
onvast in mij, en beidt
den aangenamen tijd
van volle uitspreekbaarheid.

Zoo slaapt de botte in 't hout,
verdonkerd en verdoken;
geen blomme en is er ooit,
geen blad eruit gebroken;
maar blad en blomme en al,
het ligt erin, en beidt
den dag, den dageraad …
de barensveerdigheid.

About Guido Gezelle

Guido Pieter Theodorus Josephus Gezelle (May 1, 1830 - November 27, 1899) was an influential Dutch language writer and poet and a Roman Catholic priest from Belgium. He was born in Bruges in the province of West Flanders, where he also spent most of his life. He was ordained a priest in 1854, and worked as a teacher and priest in Roeselare. He was always interested in all things in English and was given the prestigious right of being the priest for the 'English Convent' in Bruges. He died there in a small room, where it is still forbidden to... Read more...

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