'How far is Mexico? '
An expert of Geography said,
'Thousand miles.'

'How long does one need to reach Mexico? '
A boatman said, 'Months after months.'

A pilot said, 'At least half a day.'

When I said to them, 'I reach there
within few seconds every day',
they all got astonished,
'How is it possible? '

I said, 'There are many things strange
which happen in case of love.
I am the poor Orpheus of Bangladesh.
My Eurydice Lorena lives in Mexico.
Every moment I visit her, she visits me.
We need not have any boat or any aircraft.
Our love is our Borrak* which explores earth and the sky
faster than the speed of light.'

* a miraculous vehicle which carried Prophet Mohammed (Sm) to the throne of Allah crossing seven skies within moments.


¿Que tan lejos está Mexico?

¿Que tan lejos está Mexico?
Un geografo diria, 'a Miles de Kilometros'

¿Cuánto tiempo se necesita uno para llegar a México?
Un marinero diria, 'Meses y meses'
Un pìloto diria, 'Al menos medio dia'

Cuando les digo,
Llegare diario en pocos segundos
se sorprendieron,
¿Como es possible?

Digo, 'Hay muchas cosas extrañas
que suceden cuando hay amor.
Soy el pobre Orfeo the Bangladesh
My Euridice Lorena vive en Mexico.
La visito a cada instante, y ella me visita también
No necesitamos un barco o un avion
sky Nuestro amor es nuestro *Borrak que explora la tierra y el cielo
tan rápido como la luz.

No pueden entender mis palabras.

*Un vehiculo milagroso que transportaba al Profeta Mohammed (Sm) del trono de Allah crusando los siete cielos en un momento.

Translator: Alma Lorena Lopez Velazquez

About Sayeed Abubakar

Sayeed Abubakar, a major modern poet of Bangladesh, was born on September 21,1972 at Rambhodrapur, Panjia, Keshabpur, Jessore. His father was Nur Mohammad Biswas and mother Amena Khatun. Literary Life: Sayeed Abubakar started writing poems at a very early age. He was then only 11. Many of those poems were published in the local newspapers of Jessore and Khulna namely `The Daily Sphulingo', 'The Daily Ranar', 'The Daily Purbanchal', 'The Daily Janmabhumi' and so on. He used to compose 60-70 poems every day, for he was determined to defeat Rabindranath Tagore by the number of poems. Reason is that Rabindranath... Read more...

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