Je suis l’expulsé des vieilles pagodes
Ayant un peu ri pendant le Mystère ;
Les anciens ont dit : Il fallait se taire
Quand nous récitions, solennels, nos odes.

Assis sur mon banc, j’écoute les codes
Et ce magistrat, sous sa toge, austère,
Qui guigne la dame aux yeux de panthère,
Au corsage orné comme les géodes.

Il y a du monde en cette audience,
Il y a des gens remplis de science,
Ça ne manque pas de l’élément femme.

Flétri, condamné, traité de poète,
Sous le couperet je mettrai ma tête
Que l’opinion publique réclame !

About Charles Cros

Charles Cros (October 1, 1842 – August 9, 1888) was a French poet and inventor. He was born in Fabrezan, Aude, France, 35 km to the East of Carcassonne. Cros was a well-regarded poet and humorous writer. He developed various improved methods of photography including an early color photo process. He also invented improvements in telegraph technology. In the early 1870s Cros had published with Mallarmé, Villiers and Verlaine in the short-lived weekly Renaissance littéraire et artistique, edited by Emile Blémont. His poem The Kippered Herring inspired Ernest Coquelin to create what he called monologues, short theatrical pieces whose format... Read more...

Poet of the day

Enid Derham was an Australian poet and academic.


Derham was born in Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria, the eldest daughter of Thomas Plumley Derham, solicitor, and his wife Ellen Hyde, née Hodgson, of Melbourne. Derham was educated at Hessle College, Camberwell, then at Presbyterian Ladies' College and the University of Melbourne....

Poem of the day


It might be lonelier
Without the Loneliness—
I'm so accustomed to my Fate—
Perhaps the Other—Peace—

Would interrupt the Dark—
And crowd the little Room—
Too scant—by Cubits—to contain
The Sacrament—of Him—

I am not used to Hope—
It might intrude upon—