Khayaal kiijiye kyaa kaam aaj mai.n ne kiyaa
jab unne dii mujhe gaalii salaam mai.n ne kiyaa
kahaa ye sabr ne dil se ke lo Khudaahaafiiz
ke haq-e-ba.ndagii apanaa tamaam mai.n ne kiyaa
jhi.Dak ke kahane lage lab chale bahut ab tum
kabhii jo bhuul ke unase kalaam mai.n ne kiyaa
havas ye rah gaii saahib ne par kabhii na kahaa
ke aaj se tujhe 'Insha' Gulaam mai.n ne kiyaa

About Inshaullah Khan Insha

Inshaullah Khan Insha is one of the leading master-poets of Urdu. His contributions to the language and literature is more than the contributions of a mere poet. He was also an excellent prose writer and a grammarian. He had a superb sense of humour and through his wit has overwhelmed his contemporary poets in various verbal encounters. Biography His name was Inshaullah Khan and the nom de plume was Insha. His father, Syed Hakeem Meer Mashaullah Khan, was a leading tabeeb (physician) of his time. His ancestors had migrated to India from Najaf. His great grandfather, Syed Rasheeduddin would go... Read more...

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I walked to the fertile crescent and built
the sphinx
I designed a pyramid so tough that a star
that only glows every one hundred years falls
into the center giving divine perfect light
I am bad