A suave castelã das horas mortas
Assoma à torre do castelo. As portas,

Que o rubro ocaso em onda ensangüentara,
Brilham do luar à luz celeste e clara.

Como em órbitas de fatias caveiras
Olhos que fossem de defuntas freiras,

Os astros morrem pelo céu pressago...
São como círios a tombar num lago.

E o céu, diante de mim, todo escurece...
E eu que nem sei de cor uma só prece!

Pobre alma, que me queres, que me queres?
São assim todas, todas as mulheres.

About Jean Antoine De Baif

Jean Antoine de Baïf was a French poet and member of the Pléiade. Life He was born in Venice, the natural son of the scholar Lazare de Baïf, who was at that time French ambassador at Venice. Thanks, perhaps, to the surroundings of his childhood, he grew up an enthusiast for the fine arts, and surpassed in zeal all the leaders of the Renaissance in France. His father spared no pains to secure the best possible education for his son. The boy was taught Latin by Charles Estienne, and Greek by Ange Vergèce, the Cretan scholar and calligraphist who designed... Read more...

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Enid Derham was an Australian poet and academic.


Derham was born in Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria, the eldest daughter of Thomas Plumley Derham, solicitor, and his wife Ellen Hyde, née Hodgson, of Melbourne. Derham was educated at Hessle College, Camberwell, then at Presbyterian Ladies' College and the University of Melbourne....

Poem of the day


It might be lonelier
Without the Loneliness—
I'm so accustomed to my Fate—
Perhaps the Other—Peace—

Would interrupt the Dark—
And crowd the little Room—
Too scant—by Cubits—to contain
The Sacrament—of Him—

I am not used to Hope—
It might intrude upon—