For at dømme Verdens Dommer.
Raadet hurtig sammenkommer!
Han som dømmer paa sin Dag
Baade Levende og Døde,
Skal nu, uden Skyld og Sag,
For Pilati Domstol møde!
Vantro rækker Ulov Haand,
Lægger Retfærd selv i Baand!
Ære være, Frelser, Dig!
Sande maa den hele Jord,
Din Langmodighed er stor!
Vær Du os miskundelig!

About Nicolaj Frederik Severin Grundtvig

N.F.S. Grundtvig is considered to be the father of Danish folk schools. His radical ideas were the cornerstone upon which this educational reform was based. He was a Danish minister, a theologian, a poet, a philosopher, a historian, a hymn writer, a social critic, and most relevantly, an educator. His educational vision was for a unique school that would serve Danish people of all social standings, especially the farmers. He originally called it "folkelig hojskole" (loosely interpreted as "a school that would be "of and for the people"") (Borish, 1991, p. 17). His idea was to create an educational system... Read more...

Poet of the day

Christopher Pearse Cranch (March 8, 1815 – January 20, 1892) was an American writer and artist.

Cranch was born in the District of Columbia. He attended Columbian College and Harvard Divinity School. He briefly held a position as a Unitarian minister. Later, he pursued various occupations: a magazine editor, caricaturist,...

Poem of the day

Songs that could span the earth,
When leaping thought had stirred them,
In many an hour since birth,
We heard or dreamed we heard them.

Sometimes to all their sway
We yield ourselves half fearing,
Sometimes with hearts grown grey
We curse ourselves for...