C'est un grand mal se sentir offensé,
Et ne s'oser, ou savoir à qui plaindre :
C'est un grand mal, voire trop insensé,
Que d'aspirer, où l'on ne peut atteindre :
C'est un grand mal que de son coeur contraindre,
Outre son gré, et à sujétion :
C'est un grand mal qu'ardente affection,
Sans espérer de son mal allégeance :
Mais c'est grand bien, quand à sa passion
Un doux languir sert d'honnête vengeance.

About Pernette Du Guillet

Pernette Du Guillet (Lyon, c. 1520 - July 7, 1545) was a female French poet of the Renaissance. She was born in a noble family and married in 1537 or 1538 a man with the last name Du Guillet. In the spring of 1536, she met the poet Maurice Scève (she was 16; he was 35), and she would serve as Scève's poetic muse, inspiring his Délie. From this work has come the reputation of her beauty and significant culture. After her death, her poetry was published in Rymes de Gentille et Vertueuse Dame, Pernette du Guillet. Read more...

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Poem of the day

Lampwick turned up, the room glows white.
The looms moves easily all night long

as feet work and push below.
Nimbly the shuttle flies in and out,

wide or narrow, big or small, sliding in snug.
Long or short, it glides out smoothly.

Girls who do it...