Als mein Auge sie fand
Und mein Herz sie erkannt,
O, wie glühte die Brust
Von Entzücken, von Lust!

Wie voll Düfte die Au',
Und der Himmel, wie blau!
Und der Wald voll Gesang,
Und die Lüfte voll Klang!

Ohne Sie, wie so kalt,
Und die Welt, wie so alt,
Und die Erde, wie leer,
Und das Herz, ach! - so schwer.

About Joseph Christian Freiherr Von Zedlitz

Joseph Christian Freiherr von Zedlitz (Baron Joseph Christian von Zedlitz, born February 28, 1790, in Jánský Vrch Castle, Javorník (today in the Czech Republic), died March 16, 1862, in Vienna, Austria) was an Austrian dramatist and epic poet. His wife died 1836, and 1837 he was nominated by the foreign service to work for the Foreign Office. He was sent as representative of the Austrian imperial court to the principalities of Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach, Nassau, Braunschweig, Oldenburg and Reuss. He was also a good friend of Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff. **Joseph Christian Freiherr von Zedlitz's Works:** **Works** Todtenkränze, 1828 Gedichte, 1832, 1859... Read more...

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a Baltimore housewife and florist, best known as the author of the poem "Do not stand at my grave and weep," written in 1932.

She was born Mary Elizabeth Clark, and was orphaned at the age of three. In 1927 she married Claud Frye.

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