IT 'S human for a woman
To enjoy a little cry;
Though a man will grin and bear 'em
And pass little troubles by,
A woman seeks a pillow
And her face she buries in it,
Starts the bitter tears to running,
And she's better in a minute.

It's human for a woman
To expect a lot of fussing,
Though a man will greet his fellow
Without once his topknot mussing;
A woman greets her sister
Disarranging gown and hair,
Kissing, hugging, squeezing, gurgling,
With enthusiasm rare.

It's human for a woman
Not to know just what she wants,
That's the reason she goes shopping
And the down-town stores she haunts;
Though a man knows just exactly
What he wants and goes and gets it,
A woman spends time looking,
And she never once regrets it.

It's human for a woman
To enjoy a lettuce sandwich,
Though a man wants steak and onions
And a cup of 'Mocha and' rich;
he must have her lady fingers,
Ices, tea and macaroons,
And she gets her fun in toying
With the solid silver spoons.

Man must grin and bear his troubles,
Lovely woman always cries,
And the man who 'd seek to stop her
Does a thing that's most unwise;
Let her weep and kiss in greeting,
Shop and feed on dainty fare —
These are human for a woman,
They 're her meat and drink and air.

About Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Allen Guest also known as Eddie Guest was a prolific English-born American poet who was popular in the first half of the 20th century and became known as the People's Poet. Eddie Guest was born in Birmingham, England in 1881, moving to Michigan USA as a young child, it was here he was educated. In 1895, the year before Henry Ford took his first ride in a motor carriage, Eddie Guest signed on with the Free Press as a 13-year-old office boy. He stayed for 60 years. In those six decades, Detroit underwent half a dozen identity changes, but... Read more...

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