Shrouded in stark shadow of death,
Sleepless cities awash with gloom;
Minarets, domes, bowed down,
Stifled sobs,
In a mist of pain and suffering.

Shattered homes in crumbling surrounds,
Smouldering flames from shrubs and flowers,
Crackling sound of burning twigs,
Stains of blood, scars of fire,
Imprinted on the shawl of night,
Debris abounds.

And staring down,
In sheer amazement,
At the raging seas of doom, destruction,
All around,
Is the gloomy sky
Of famed Arabian Night.

And it wonders
Will Adam`s progeny ever change?
Its lust for power, yearning for wealth;
Traditions of murder, rape and pillage,
Inflicted on fellow beings,
And Mother Earth.

About Parvin Shere

Parvin Shere is a poetess, artist and musician. She was born in India, then migrated to Canada where she has resided for over thirty years. She is married to Professor Syed Waris Shere, a product of Aligarh Muslim University (B.Sc. 1956). Parvin Shere has been painting for over thirty years and formally developed her talents at the University of Manitoba (Canada) Fine Arts program. Her extensive travel throughout Europe and particularly in developing countries triggered in her a need to enlighten her audience about the dualistic nature of this world. The oppressed has a profound effect on her work. Parvin’s... Read more...

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