मेरठ में हमको मिले धमधूसर कव्वाल
तरबूजे सी खोपड़ी, ख़रबूजे से गाल
ख़रबूजे से गाल, देह हाथी सी पाई
लंबाई से ज़्यादा थी उनकी चौड़ाई
बस से उतरे, इक्कों के अड्डे तक आये
दर्शन कर घोड़ों ने आँसू टपकाये
रिक्शे वाले डर गये, डील-डौल को देख
हिम्मत कर आगे बढ़ा, ताँगे वाला एक
ताँगे वाला एक, चार रुपये मैं लूँगा
दो फ़ेरी कर, हुज़ूर को पहुँचा दूँगा

About Kaka Hathrasi

Kaka Hathrasi was a noted Hindi satirist and humorist poet of India. His real name was Prabhu Dayal Garg, though he wrote under the pen name Kaka Hathrasi, after his home town Hathras, and published over 42 collections of humorous verse, in all. He established in 1932, Sangeet Karyalaya (initially Garg and Co.), a noted publishing company for books on Indian classical music and dance, and subsequently in 1935, also started publishing a monthly magazine Sangeet, both in Hathras. He was awarded Padma Shri by Government of India in 1985. Today, each year, the Delhi-based "Hindi Academy" awards the annual... Read more...

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Jeg saae kun tilbage. Mig Livets Lyst bortklang;
Da toned mig i Sjælen saa trøstelig en Sang;
See frem, men ei tilbage! Hvad Hjertet attraaer,
Maaskee dog engang under Solen du naaer.

Lad Bølger bortrulle! lad Løvet flagre hen!
Rask bruser dog Strømmen, frisk Skoven staaer...