Karvaan Badlo Zara Mehmil Badal Ker Dekh Lo
Aik Manzil To Nahi Manzil Badal Ker Dekh Lo

Kia Hui Mehfil Tumhain Pal Main Pata Chal Jaye Ga
Aik Lamhay Ke Leay Mehfil Badal Ker Dekh Lo

Ye Muhabbat Ka Shajar Hai Ye Yaheen Lag Jaye Ga
Tum Bajaye Nakhl, Aab-O-Gil Badal Ker Dekh Lo

Kion Dubotay Ja Rahay Ho Kashtion Per Kashtian
Duur Hai Saahil To Phir Saahil Badal Ker Dekh Lo

Kaun Kitna Chahta Hai Sab Pata Chal Jaye Ga
Tum Hamaray Sath Apna Dil Badal Ker Dekh Lo

Sirf Do Nuqto'n Main Hai Dunya Ki Saari Roshni
Warna Jo Aankhon Main hai Wo Til Badal Ker Dekh Lo

Sung To Jazbaat Ko Mehsus Ker Sakta Nahi
Wo Jo Seenay Main Dhari Hai Sil Badal Ker Dekh Lo

Itna Naazuk Ayena Rakhna Zaruri To Nahi
Toot'ta Rehta Hai Dil To Dil Badal Ker Dekh Lo

Dooriaan, Dushwariaan Sab Samnay Ajayen Gi
Hum Se Ek Pal Ke Leay Manzil Badal Ker Dekh Lo

Saari Dunya Aik Jesi To Nahi Hoti Adeem
Adal Hai Darkaar To Aadil Badal Ker Dekh Lo

Rehem Aata Jaye Ga Uss Ko Sada Tum Per Adeem
Qatl Hona Chaho to Qaatil Badal Ker Dekh Lo

About Adeem Hashmi

Adeem Hashmi or Adeem Haschmi (Urdu: عدیم ہاشمی) or Adeem Fasihuddin Hashmi (Real name Fasih Ud Din) was a famous Urdu poet. arguably the finest ever works of Urdu ghazal are attributed to his name. Short Biography He was born in Faisalabad, Pakistan in August 01, 1946 but lived most of his life between Pakistan, and America where he died. He started his journey of writing in Lahore, Pakistan. Arguably the finest poet of his time Adeem was the most controversial writer in Urdu poetry in the 70's and 90's. He rose to instant fame in the community with his... Read more...

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Festlig bredte sig Faklernes Glands fra kneisende Høisal
I den dæmrende Nat, da Ikarios, Høvding i Sparta,
Fæsted sin Datter bort, den yndigtrødmende Jomfru,
Penelopeia med hviden Slør til Drotten Odysseus.
Hundrede Harper klang i den kølige Nat, medens Maanen
Iled med Jomfrugang i den...