Tum Bhi Apne Saharay Chalay Jao Ge Hum Bhi Apne Saharay Chalay Jayen Ge
Jo Maza Raasta Mil Ke Chalnay Main Hai Wo Mazay Bhi To Saray Chalay Jayen Ge

Mil Ke Chalnay Se Mazil Na Koi Milay Mil Ke Chalnay Se Rasta To Kat Jaye Ga
Tum Hamaray Saharay Chalay Jao Ge Hum Tumharay Saharay Chalay Jayen Ge

Koi Jo bhi Kahay Koi Jo bhi Karay Dil Main Toofaan Muhabbat Ke Ruktay Nahi
Tum Bhi Hum Ko Pukaray Chalay Jao Ge Hum Bhi Tum Ko Pukaray Chalay Jayen Ge

Aakay Dekho Muqabil Hamaray Zara Aisay Wesay To Hum Bhi Jawaari Nahi
Tum Dil-o-Jaan Jeetay Chalay Jao Ge Hum Dil-o-Jaan Haray Chalay Jayen Ge

Wo Haseen Hai Adeem Uss Ka Mansab Hai Ye, Qatl Kerta Rahay Muskurata Rahay
Tum Bhi Jaan Uss Pe Waray Chalay Jao Ge Hum Bhi Jaan Uss Pe Waray Chalay Jayen Ge

About Adeem Hashmi

Adeem Hashmi or Adeem Haschmi (Urdu: عدیم ہاشمی) or Adeem Fasihuddin Hashmi (Real name Fasih Ud Din) was a famous Urdu poet. arguably the finest ever works of Urdu ghazal are attributed to his name. Short Biography He was born in Faisalabad, Pakistan in August 01, 1946 but lived most of his life between Pakistan, and America where he died. He started his journey of writing in Lahore, Pakistan. Arguably the finest poet of his time Adeem was the most controversial writer in Urdu poetry in the 70's and 90's. He rose to instant fame in the community with his... Read more...

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Born in 1714 in Halesowen (now Worcestershire) England living at the family home 'The Leasowes'. Halesowen, which, up to the early years of the 18th century was in part of Shropshire. He was educated at Solihull Grammar School, where he met and became firm friends with the future poet Richard...

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Jeg saae kun tilbage. Mig Livets Lyst bortklang;
Da toned mig i Sjælen saa trøstelig en Sang;
See frem, men ei tilbage! Hvad Hjertet attraaer,
Maaskee dog engang under Solen du naaer.

Lad Bølger bortrulle! lad Løvet flagre hen!
Rask bruser dog Strømmen, frisk Skoven staaer...