din chaRhe aur bikhar jaauuN
raat utre to maiN ghar jaauuN

bahut ehsaas hai hone kaa
itnaa zindaa huuN ke mar jaauuN

maiN zamiiN-daadah sahii phir bhii
aasmaaN saa huuN jidhar jaauuN

vahii be-chehragii har suu hai
aaiinaa huuN maiN, kidhar jaauuN

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Poet of the day

Christopher Pearse Cranch (March 8, 1815 – January 20, 1892) was an American writer and artist.

Cranch was born in the District of Columbia. He attended Columbian College and Harvard Divinity School. He briefly held a position as a Unitarian minister. Later, he pursued various occupations: a magazine editor, caricaturist,...

Poem of the day

Songs that could span the earth,
When leaping thought had stirred them,
In many an hour since birth,
We heard or dreamed we heard them.

Sometimes to all their sway
We yield ourselves half fearing,
Sometimes with hearts grown grey
We curse ourselves for...